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26 fun and easy lessons

Learn to tune your guitar

Learn to play three chords: G, C, D7


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Listening Technology

Our advanced listening technology provides instant feedback on each note you play.

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We offer apps specifically designed for over 25 band, orchestra and guitar instruments.

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Connect to Game Center and challenge your friends to the top of the leader board.

Game Center

Connect to Game Center and challenge your friends to the top of the leader board.

Engaging people of all ages to play music!

Learning to play an instrument is fun and engaging to people of all ages. AtPlayMusic's advanced listening technology provides instant feedback while making practice time fun and enjoyable.

Our Music Apps

  • This is a fun and effective music reading app for clarinet. Before this latest update, the app did not read or recognize the low E on clarinet so I initially gave it 4 stars. But now that it's fixed, it gets 5 stars from me! Thank you for the fix.
  • We've tried a few methods to get our kids into applying themselves musically, with little luck. These apps make it a lot more fun, and both our children have taken to learning new songs and their interest in music has increased.
    Steve L
  • My son just wasn't as interested in his daily music lessons, but then we found the At Play apps on iTunes and he is much more focused. These apps make lessons easy and fun for him. So thrilled to have found these guys!
    Karen K
  • “[AtPlayMusic Recorder] app is an extensive instructional tool is you are looking to learn the recorder. The attention to detail and clear instructions make it evident that the developers know what they are doing”
    Fun Educational Apps
  • “If I was going to ask a student to learn to play recorder solely by using an iPad app [AtPlayMusic Recorder] is the only one I have tried so far that I believe could actually do it in a way that would have the best guarantee of success.”
  • This is the perfect app for beginners and a wonderful tool to increase a child’s musical confidence.”
    Social Savvy Mom

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