AtPlayMusic Apps for Kids Are Now Playing for Free at the App Store

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – AtPlayMusic has released the all new Recorder 2.0 app, a follow up to the critically acclaimed Recorder 1.0, fully interactive and now teaching students to play a full octave. Available in both free and full versions, with expanded lessons, enhanced listening technology and downloadable songs. The third app from AtPlayMusic, Twanger, is a free, fun-filled app that lets you make music by “twanging” on multiple spring doorstops.

“We believe if you engage children early to begin playing instruments,” stated Gary Meyer, President of AtPlayMusic, “they will have a lifetime of music appreciation. Have you ever asked your child to stop a music lesson to come to the dinner table? Our music apps are fun and rewarding to help children stay engaged.”

AtPlayMusic’s Recorder 2.0 guides the student to use both hands, as they learn all eight notes of the C Major Scale while introducing new songs. As in the previous version, Mr. Noteworthy, the on screen instructor, along with the students customized avatar, lead us through the musical venture. The expanded listening technology in version 2.0 analyzes each note as the student plays an activity or song and pauses when incorrect notes are played or are played for too short of a duration.

Twanger, the company’s newest free app, brings back the fun of most people’s first instrument experience – the spring doorstop. Twanger offers eight doorstops to create an octave of twanging notes. Each time you “twang” a doorstop, colorful musical notes appear. There is a recorder button that lets the user record a song and then play it back.

About AtPlayMusic
Based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, AtPlayMusic was founded by Gary Meyer and Dr. Layton James in November 2010. Mr. Meyer is an Emmy Award winning producer with a wide range of credits including concept, curriculum design, promotions and marketing of 70 episodes of a PBS children’s series. Dr. James recently retired as principal keyboard artist with the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra after 41 years. AtPlayMusic’s development team has produced content for 20th Century Fox, PBS, Disney and others. AtPlayMusic’s products enhance the learning experience for real musical instruments. Using cutting-edge technology, the apps listen to the user, guiding them as they explore activities and learn songs. The products are designed as games that allow the user to improve their skills as they progress through higher and higher levels. Follow AtPlayMusic on Facebook.

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