AtPlayMusic Releases Four PlayAlong Music Apps for Beginner Guitar

New music apps provide play along songs for electric, acoustic, bass and classical guitar

PlayAlong Guitar for beginnersMINNEAPOLIS, MN – AtPlayMusic, a beginner music education app development company, has released four free playalong music apps for beginner guitar.  PlayAlong Electric Guitar,  Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar  and Classical Guitar, which provide songs for beginners and “re-starters” to learn to play the guitar, are available to download for free in the App Store.

“We are excited to expand our PlayAlong app collection with the release of our four guitar apps,” stated Gary Meyer, co-founder and creative director of AtPlayMusic. “Our listening technology guides students through each note of the song, correcting as they go and providing proficiency scores at the end.  Our goal is to accelerate the ability to play music byproviding apps that make learning a new instrument fun and engaging for a lifetime of music appreciation.”

PlayAlong Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar and Class Guitar are the most recent additions to the company’s PlayAlong collection.  The company offers 17 playalong music apps that include eight songs, finger charts, note correction and proficiency scores for each song.  The apps also provide three skill levels that allow the student to select note names, finger charts or just notes for each song.  Additional in-app purchases of other songs or song packs are available.

AtPlayMusic provides 19 music apps for the iPhone and iPad for beginner musicians and continues to expand its music library to offer a variety of music for all ages.

About AtPlayMusic
Based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, AtPlayMusic was founded by Gary Meyer and Dr. Layton James in November 2010. Mr. Meyer is an Emmy Award winning producer with a wide range of management, entrepreneurial and creative experience. His credits include concept and script writing. His animation company produced 70 animated episodes of a children’s series that made Public Broadcasting in the U. S., then globally in most languages. Meyer also wrote the series’ companion classroom curriculum for use in elementary schools internationally. Dr. James recently retired as principal keyboard artist with the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra after 41 years. Also a conductor, James is a composer internationally known for his cadenzas for Baroque and Classical concertos. The animators, programmers and software engineersinvolved in developing the AtPlayMusic software have produced content for motion capture, gaming companies, 20th Century Fox, PBS, Disney and others.