Music for Beginners: Your Child’s First Instrument


We’re all familiar with the bird-like sounds of the recorder, which for many schoolchildren is the first musical instrument they learn to play.

So why is it that music instructors around the globe have decided the recorder is the best instrument to teach music for beginners? And are these, in fact, the best music lessons for kids?

There are several features that make the recorder a great beginning instrument, both at school and at home.

  1. The recorder is ready-tuned. Because no tuning is needed, parents don’t need any specific knowledge to get their children up and practicing.
  2. The recorder is easy to learn, relative to most other instruments. The fingering and blowing techniques for the recorder are much simpler than those for many other woodwinds. And the recorder is certainly easier than learning strings. This ease of use creates a low-stress, enjoyable introduction to music, since children are less likely to become frustrated.
  3. The recorder is a good fit for little hands. Unlike the piano keyboard, the recorder doesn’t require awkward and uncomfortable stretching by small fingers.
  4. The recorder offers a wonderful opportunity to learn to read music. Children discover the music staff, note names, rhythm and more.
  5. The recorder gives children the confidence and skills they need to play more complex instruments. When learning the recorder, kids develop their listening skills, learn to read music, improve their coordination and follow directions. These abilities translate into success on the piano, guitar, strings or other woodwinds.
  6. The recorder lends itself to creativity. Children can improvise on the recorder, even if they have no formal musical training. They can write and perform their own compositions very early in their lessons. This creates a strong self-confidence and love of music!
  7. The recorder can be learned via several methods. Online or app-based instruction are a low-cost and stress-free option for children learning the recorder. The instrument’s simplicity makes distance learning a great possibility.
  8. The recorder is affordable. Typically, you can find an inexpensive plastic recorder for anywhere from $5 to $10. They are available in a range of colors to match your child’s taste and personality.
  9. The recorder sounds pretty good, even for beginners. When a budding musician is trying to learn a new instrument, the practice sessions can be cringe-worthy for parents and embarrassing for kids. In contrast to many other instruments, the recorder is rather easy to play in a palatable manner after just a few sessions. With just a little practice, your young musician will be proud of their results. And you will enjoy listening!

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