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MrNoteworthyLearning to play the electric guitar is a breeze with Mr. Noteworthy as your music teacher!  The Listening Guitar Lesson app provides fun and easy lessons to help you get started playing basic guitar chords.

The app uses AtPlayMusic’s advanced technology that listens to you play your guitar as it evaluates and guides you through each chord and riff.  Fun, interactive games test you on what you learn in each lesson to help you master the basics of the electric guitar.

AtPlayMusic’s Listening Guitar Lesson guides you as you learn three of the most widely used guitar chords.  Beginners can touch the chord charts to hear a sample of what that chord sounds like, and pushing the play button allows you to hear the whole exercise.

SoundCheckListening Guitar Lesson app responds to your guitar with a unique chord recognition capability, evaluating each chord played in an activity. The app pauses when a chord’s pitch is played incorrectly or the chord is played for too short of a duration. At the end of each exercise, the app displays a proficiency score showing how many times each chord was played correctly on the first attempt. Cumulative statistics of the total correct chords, consecutive correct chords, and the number of exercises played correctly are all tracked in the app and in Game Center.

  • Gchord200x151Provides 26 lessons and games, including introduction to the electric guitar and amp, finger placement, strumming, chords and riffs
  • Helps you tune your guitar by playing each string
  • Listens to you play your own guitar and lets you know if you are playing correctly or not
  • Teaches you to play three basic chords: G, C, D7
  • Displays proficiency score at the end of each exercise
  • Posts your scores in the Game Center and challenge your friends
  • Records your playing and send to friends, family and teachers
  • Allows you to customize your avatar
  • Provides an innovative 3D pinch-zoom-rotate button to rotate and zoom the screen for a closer look
  • Keeps track of scores for past performances for each exercise you have played with the History feature
  • Uses Game Center to track and share the accomplishments of your exercise progress.




Listening Guitar Lesson app with latest “chord recognition” software:


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