PlayAlong Electric Guitar



Available on iPhone & iPad


Dream of becoming a famous electric guitar player?  PlayAlong Electric Guitar for beginners can help make the learning phase fun and easy.


The PlayAlong app listens as you play your guitar, stepping through each note of the song waiting for you to play the correct pitch and duration. At the end of each song you are presented with a proficiency score showing how many of each note were played on the first attempt. Cumulative statistics of the total correct notes, consecutive correct notes, and the songs played correctly are always available.


Choose the settings that complement your skills: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.  Beginners can choose to have finger charts displayed under each note on the staff as they play. Touching the finger chart lets you hear that note, and pushing the play button allows you to hear the whole song. Advanced users can choose to display only the note names under the staff, or to see a full screen of music. As you master a song, you can choose to turn off the scoring mode and play the song with your own interpretation, using the display like traditional sheet music.


The Stats display presents a list of all the songs, showing which you have played, and how many of the notes you were able to play correctly. Using game center, you can track and share your stats and your song progress. In Game Center your stats are listed on the leaderboards, and the songs are presented as accomplishments.


Eight popular songs are included with PlayAlong Electric Guitar. Once you’ve mastered these songs, you may purchase additional songs and songs packs from our expanding library available through the Store Page. The song list includes ratings of Easy, Intermediate and Advanced to help you choose your next melody. Check out the AtPlayMusic developer page for all the PlayAlong apps for your favorite instruments.

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