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PlayAlong Beginner Violin


This app is absolutely amazing, not only does it show you the sheet music for the songs but it also give you what they sound like and your finger positions on the strings.  Not only that but you can buy a ton of classical and modern songs to learn after you have mastered the basic ones that come with the app. This app is absolutely stellar and as a beginner violinist it is very helpful. … Great app. Get it, use it, find out for yourself. – Trixtan

This app is a great tool for school music labs. Each child can sing the song using solfege, pluck the notes on their violin, and then bring in the bow and play along. Train the ear, train the memory, train the muscles. – Music Lab teacher

My son needs to practice his violin daily and this app is great for giving him feedback and a variety of songs to practice his notes.– runawaybunny

This app is too good to be true. The scale is worth its weight in gold, especially if one doesn’t have a developed sense of tone or access to a musical scale. The feedback is immediate which is by far the best way to learn. My iPad is hard to put down!– Big-Jay1864


Make beginner violin lessons fun and easy with the PlayAlong Violin music app that listens to you play, show you the correct notes and guides you through the selected song.


violin finger charts

Have fun playing your violin with a little help from your PlayAlong app:

  • Listen to Song – touch the play button to listen to the song.
  • Microphone – uses the microphone on your mobile device to listen to you play.
  • Guide – a gold bar shows you the current note to play and guides you through the song.
  • Instantly Responds – the gold bar moves to the next note or shows the wrong note in red.
  • Hear a Note – touch any finger chart to hear the note played by a violin.
  • Record – listen to your performance or share with your music teacher, friends or family.
  • Loop – allows you to play a song over and over uninterrupted.



Practicing the violin is much more fun when you are playing your favorite songs. The app provides eight songs to get you started, and you can unlock over 250 songs through in-app purchases.

  • 3 Song levels
    • Easy – songs like “Hot Cross Buns”
    • Intermediate – songs like “1812 Overture”
    • Advanced – songs like “Danny Boy”
  • Song Menu – over 250 classics, pop, classical, holiday, movie/TV songs and more!
  • Scales – up to 15+ scales to help you master your violin



sheet music trebLearning to play the violin can be challenging.  Customize the display to fit your comfort level:

  • Smart Charts – rewards your performance by turning off finger charts and note names after you master the song.
  • Finger Charts – displays a fingering chart and note name under each note of the song.
  • Note Names – displays the names under each note of the song.
  • Staff Only – displays the sheet music for the song with just the notes on the staff.



PlayAlong Bassoon Song Score History StatPlayAlong Violin app keeps track of each note played so you can easily see your progress:

  • Your Score – displayed at the end of each song showing how many of each note are in the song and the number of each note played correctly on the first attempt.
  • Cumulative Score – statistics of the total correct notes, consecutive correct notes, and the songs played correctly are available.
  • History – shows the scores by date for each performance of the song you have played.
  • Stats – provides a list of all available songs and those you’ve played, along with the highest score, total correct notes, and the number of consecutive correct notes.
  • Game Center – compare your stats on the Leader Board.
  • Email – share your score and recorded performance with your music teacher, friends and family.



The PlayAlong Violin app provides two listening modes:

  • Wait – the gold bar waits for you to play the correct pitch and duration to be able to move on to the next note. If you are playing a wrong note, it will appear in red.
  • Manual – displays just the sheet music so you can play the song with your own interpretation or press the play button and play along with the app.



In the beginning, you may find some songs you would like to customize to your way of playing — higher, lower, slower or faster.

  • Transpose Slider – Customize the pitch to your desired setting. The song’s notes, will adjust and the “play button” audio will all adjust to your selection.
  • Tempo – adjust the song tempo so you can practice a song at a faster or slower pace.

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