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Mr. Noteworthy is taking on new music students, and today he’s teaching the recorder! You play your own instrument along with Mr. Noteworthy and your avatar classmate.

Groundbreaking technology listens and guides you as you explore new notes and songs.

Unlock new songs as you complete lessons. In-App purchases enable you to use the familar finger charts and listening technolgy to learn your favorite Christmas classics. Examine the lessons in detail with the innovative 3D pinch-zoom-rotate feature.

Look Mom, Both Hands!”

The new version of AtPlayMusic Recorder guides the student to use both hands, as they learn all 8 notes of the C Major Scale, and introduces them to new songs. The expanded listening technology analyzes each note as the student plays an activity or song. The App pauses when incorrect notes are played or are played for too short of a duration. The App shows the note that was played, and waits for student to find the correct note.

With the help of your instructor, Mr. Noteworthy, you will start learning about the recorder, music and how to play it. You are joined by your customized avatar classmate. Together you will learn, play and have fun as you begin your journey into music.

Students will learn at their own pace. With the ability to pause and navigate through the scene, you will be able to get a new perspective on learning. This lesson was developed to have fun while learning the fundamentals.


The fundamentals of playing the instrument are introduced by the 3D teacher and the avatar classmate you designed. Each new note is presented to the user with it’s proper finger chart. The student is able to touch pause “ll”, then zoom and rotate around the characters to examine different aspects and details. Then touch play “>” to resume action.

  • Identify the parts of the recorder, inside and out
  • How to hold the recorder
  • Proper mouth shape
  • Breath control
  • Fingering and thumb placement
  • How to separate notes
  • How to play the eight notes of the C major scale.
  • Play numerous songs
  • and so much more…


Along with the features of lesson mode, song mode also has the option of letting you hear the song, giving you the opportunity to play along. As your skills improve, you can choose to 3 skill levels: beginner – display the notes and staff with the finger charts, advanced – notes and staff with the letter names of the notes or expert – notes and staff only.

After instruction by the teacher or classmate, a certificate is awarded and songs are unlocked as the user completes each of two lessons.


Play Along Games are provided to supplement the lessons. With the musical staff and finger charts on the screen, you play each note of the activity on your instrument. If the pitch and duration of each note is played correctly, the full score is awarded.

Pinwheel Game – young students will love trying out their new instrument with the Pinwheel game. The louder you play, the faster the pinwheel spins!

Puzzle Game – Learn the parts of the recorder instrument with this fun and interactive game. You are taken on an animated tour where you learn the names, parts and function of the instrument and it’s components – how to assemble and assemble. Points are awarded as you locate and identify the parts of your instrument.

Meter Game –As you play your instrument the audio meter helps you measure the sound and breath flow for a constant tone. The longer you can hold the tone the more points you receive.

Cup Game – Learning whole, half and quarter notes teaches you breath control. Playing a steady note with your instrument for the proper duration fills a full cup, a half cup and a quarter sized cup, and you receive points for success.

Certificate of Accomplishment

Upon successful completion all teaching segments, the user receives a Certificate of Accomplishment which also unlocks additional songs.

The AtPlayMusic Recorder app combines some of the best minds in music with cutting edge animation technology and game software to produce an experience like no other. The app looks like a video game but is filled with unique teaching insight that will benefit students and teachers alike.

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